Bulk SMS business guide

The bulk SMS business guide is a complete manual that contains all you need to set up a profitable bulk SMS business.


The manual is helpful for those interested in the bulk SMS business and also for those already in it but struggling to make ends meet.

The manual teaches you how to set-up a bulk SMS business the right way, avoiding the mistakes made by lots of people and show you the steps to take to make your business profitable.

The things considered in the bulk SMS manual include:

  • Benefits of the bulk SMS business
  • What you need to start the bulk SMS business
  • Desinging a bulk SMS website
  • How to recover your initial investment in 30 days
  • how to hit 100,000 sms monthly
  • Bulk SMS marketing

and lots of other things ……

How much is this ebook.

The ebook cost N3000 but will be distributed free for our readers for now. All you need to do is to put in your email address below and the book will be sent to your email immediately.

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